Well, if anyone had been looking for news, reviews and my bullshit on this site 2020 meant that there has been a significant absence of my waffles. Many reasons, but the crap storm over Covid-19 and lockdowns, my partner, by necessity, changing hours to start at stupid o’clock, and generally feeling shit and low, were considerable factors.

As such listening – and listening enough to properly review – to new music has been a struggle. For some reason the concentration was not there, and even watching the many live streams was not something I could be bothered with. Instead comfort was sought in listening to old rock, metal and punk favourites.

Even a review submitted by David Cardiff lay unused…and new albums sat unlistened to.

But as the New Year dawned, and the itch slowly, ever slowly has been coming back…the itch to listen to and hear new offerings (even if they are new offerings are from older bands).

So, with my second book finished and about to be published (Zero Fucks Given is the ever so subtle title) I can now look forward to listening – properly – more new music, working on my third book, doing the work that pays and posting shit here.

To be clear, apart from reviews in the news section I will just copy and paste the stuff record labels and PR companies send me and label it as ‘burb’. Well they post the same on social media so I’m not to going to waste time re-writing what they send.

So, there are all the excuses out of the way, stay heavy, stay safe, get drunk and wear your fucking mask – if Slipknot can for 90+ minutes you fucking can too.