In a world gone mad, where certainties are now uncertain, and the music is reduced to live streams there is no better time to have a band challenge the norm and raise questions.

Machina Kore release their new EP, ‘Blood in Code’, on May 7th, and it should be embraced and cherished. The four tracks (one is the instrumental opener ‘Wither’) are defined by the band as ‘hybrid metal’ but what it is in reality is just metal – and damn good at metal.

From rampaging riffs, immense drumming and impassioned lyrics delivered with urgency Machina Kore tear up expectations and produce something that improves with every successive listen.

But then given the pedigree of the four-piece that’s what should be expected. Gareth ‘Moro’ Morrow and Ben Simpson, both previously in Sinocence, Shane Comac on lead guitar and Sean ‘Finney’ Haughian on bass and backing vocals bring their combined experience to bear.

While the intro Wither serves some purpose in its one and a half minutes of moodiness and melancholia it only serves to contrast with the riff heavy intro to ‘Exile’ where you are confronted with the opening lines “A drunken god, a circus tent; angels applaud…” Yeah, this is the type of lyric that has a series of enigmatic interpretations, but the anger and frustration throughout is counterpointed by melodic lines, fierce, but balanced soloing.

When you have a song entitled ‘Footprints on a Death Mask’ you sort of know it is not going to be a straightforward listen, even if Cannibal Corpse want to nick it as a title. The equilibrium of the song’s structure is also reflected in the lyrical theme that teeters between despair and hope, appropriate as we all deal with the pandemic.

And, for the band themselves it was a strange experience. Recording done under the watchful eye of Frankie McClay, only two in the studio at any one time, demo guitars sent to Ben to lay out the drum tracks and engineer some miracles it was a challenge that any band wanting to put out material had to face – and Machina Kore rose to that challenge.

And, that is clear on ‘God From Machine’. Opening with a riff heavy tirade and drum that rattle the cages of the doomed, before the song unfolds with a pace and tempo matching the theme of dystopia and the connected world’s failure we all face.

With Machina Kore promising a series of Eps, and one underway, there is much to enjoy here and now before those emerge.

Blood in Code is released on May 7th at 9pm and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Learn more at www.machinakore .com