The new Conjuring Fate album – here’s our review: just buy it. Yeah, we know you were expecting an in-depth analysis of ‘Curse of the Fallen’ but really just buy it.
If you have any love of heavy metal, seriously just buy it.
What? You want some pretentious shit about the production, excellent musicianship, twin harmonies, riffage, maturing composition and lyrical development?
Oh well, here you go – Conjuring Fate have produced their best work to date. Curse of the Fallen is the zenith, so far, for the band and more than repays the commitment of Pure Steel to get them to sign up.
True, Conjuring Fate stay true to their NWOBHM roots, with their own twist, but given how many sad sacks of shit try the same root without managing the panache and delight of CF.
Take for example ‘Journey’s End’ – measured, well paced, with more hooks than a tuna fisherman on speed, and arranged almost perfectly.
For those who have seen them, Conjuring Fate have excelled in their live shows that combine exuberance and fun. For Curse f the Fallen that impact has not been lessened; rather they have harnessed the maturity of a band that composes tracks – and execute them – with more than just basic showmanship. This considered approach means the tunes can be appreciated on any platform, but by all the hairs on Satan’s arse they are going to explode on stage.
That is in no way to diminish the listening experience of sitting down and listening to the album in full. In many ways it harkens back to the days when fans bought an album and listened to it the whole way through, not the pick and mix of Spotify etc.
Take the transition between ‘Daughter of the Everglades’ and ‘Night of the Knives’. It just works well.
Tommy’s delivery has never been in doubt, but on this album he takes the enunciation and emphasis to knew levels that provide the counterpoint to the work of Phil and Karl as they build each track, layer upon layer. ‘Midnight Skies’ is just one example of this.
But, we cannot wait to see and hear ‘Children of the Night’ live. Fuck us all sideways and cover in sherbet dip; as stand out tracks go we have had to restrain ourselves from running naked into the street screaming “Rise Up”. Okay, maybe not naked, but you get the general idea.
As if that wasn’t enough Conjuring Fate then close the album off with another stormer ‘Original Sin’. Lyrical excellence and a full pelt tune. Blasphemously glorious.
Sometimes when you sit down to review an album by a band that you know, and are familiar with their previous work it is a question of being too subjective. Objectivity can be a struggle, but after repeated listens you have to, in the end, admit that objective or subjective this is simply a super album that deserves nothing other than y’all reaching into your pockets and buying it. Okay, that was what we said in the opening line, but as the corporate sportswear brand say ‘Just Do It’.

Curse of the Fallen is released on November 15th on Pure Steel Records
PS: Just buy it