Crystal Lake’s new release show metalcore’s star has not waned, it is certainly not dead, and it can have some heavy hitting bands carrying the flame.

This album is by no means perfect but is a fantastic addition to their back catalogue and has the meat and melody to showcase these Japanese potential superstars trajectory today and in the future.

The brutality begins with opener ‘Aeon’. This sees the band delve into the world of deathcore, Heavy chugs and guttural vocals. The song hits hard and the lyrics see a dystopian future where technology codes our lives, nearly worshiping it.

You might even say that it’s happening right now. For an opener this is one of the best songs on the album, but there is many more to go alongside this behemoth.

Right after that comes another brilliant song, ‘Agony’. It is still as heavy and as crushing as aeon but is definitely much lighter going back to the stylings of metalcore. The standout aspect of the song is really the melodies which quite honestly makes this song the best song on the album and hopefully a staple of what’s to come in Crystal Lake’s future.

The album continues with another solid track ‘+81’, and we’re only on track three! Another great song but this follows a more nu metal style and mixes it with the heavy drums and guitar in a way that shouldn’t works but does so extremely well. The bass even gets a solo! This song is fun more than anything, lots of head banging to be had here!

‘Outgrow’ is is a much slower track but by no means is it any less heavy, it gives the chance for some incredible writing. The standout part of the song is the small but effective solo and it fits in so well.  This track slows the album down but the flow is still on point.

Onto a weird one, but a pleasant surprise none the less, ‘Hail to the Fire’. It sounds as if Soulfly took to becoming a metalcore band, which is to be brutally honest a good thing! An amazing track with a unique sound for the metalcore scene at least. If there was another song like this, there wouldn’t be many complaints.

To close. This album will be for many a stand-out release for 2019 so far.

Crystal Lake are shooting the stars and they’re certainly on track. If they keep this up they will hopefully reach an even wider audience as they bridge their metalcore roots and their heavier inclinations.

Review by Zakk Traynor