During another insipid, pop shite half time show for the Superbowl, most people headed to warm up more tacos, have a smoke and grab a few more beers. But one man got angry, really angry and he vowed he wasn’t going to take it…

Mr Dee Motherfucking Snider was so incensed he took to the various online platforms calling for some proper rock ‘n’ fucking roll to be played at the halftime show (and, as he pointed out Marron 5 ain’t rock).

And, after revealing that he had heard from people close to AC/DC that Brian and the band are working together on a new album, with the detail that the late Malcolm Young presence will be felt on some ‘surprises’, Dee has launched a petition calling for the NFL to book DC for the halftime showpiece in 2021.

With the Superbowl halftime show descending to a pop debacle of late, despite its global audience, the petition has went worldwide amongst fans of DC and wider hard rock devotees.

In a statement to Belfastmetalheads published on Twitter Dee said: “The NFL has set out to make the Super Bowl a worldwide event, so everyone should have a say in who does the halftime show.

“AC/DC is a worldwide phenomenon and perfect entertainment for everyone!”

While many on this site are more of the extreme metal persuasion as well as hard rock, no-one can deny the validity of having AC/DC blow the cobwebs off for a new tour playing the Superbowl. After all, most NFL teams play DC, Ozzy and GnR during breaks in play.

If you want you can sign the petition here